The Birth of Team Losi

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Did you know that Team Losi started life as skateboard company? That's right, before the name Team Losi was synonymous with world championship-winning, radio controlled racing products, it was originally a skateboard manufacturer.

What began in the late seventies/early eighties as Variflex, the Losi family business, which included Pops, Uncle Ray, Gil Jr. and brother Allen, was committed to creating quality products and a great team of riders. As the company evolved (or devolved, depending on your perspective) and briefly became 'Team Losi', Allen Losi continued his reign as one of the more stylish, powerhouse skaters of the era, as witnessed in this new episode of Loveletters to Skateboarding.

Besides, anyone who quotes the film Spinal Tap, as Losi does in the above short, is OK in our book; "Have a good time all the time."



Video courtesy of Vans/OffTheWallTV©2012.